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Rudo Centre

Rudo Centre

This is our newest centre, situated in Chitungwiza, a town 30 km from Harare. The centre is specifically for babies. Chitungwiza hospital is faced with a growing number of babies and toddlers in its hospital who have no one to look after them. These children are either abandoned in Chitungwiza or nearby Seke Communal Lands or their mothers die in hospital or desert them and leave them in hospital. No one comes to claim these children because of fear of taking responsibility and as a result the children end up living in the hospital. Since 2004, we have taken a total of 13 toddlers aged between 0 –4 years.

Against this backdrop, we purchased a house in Chitungwiza, which we are currently renovating so that we can use it to accommodate the toddlers. The centre is called Rudo (God’s Love) Centre and it stands for a Father’s unconditional love for His children. We are now in the process of getting authority from Chitungwiza Town Council to operate the orphanage.




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