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Apostle a ‘Self–Made Man’
Sharing Reverend Tim Neill’s recollections

 FOR Reverend Tim Neill, Mr. Kas was “a friend who is closer than a brother”. 

Paying tribute to the late apostle, who had been able to steer the Just Children Foundation (JCF) ship to the great heights where it stands elegantly today, Rev Neill recalls the most impressive virtues that he found in his late friend.

Mr. Kas, he reminisced, was “able to draw in the best, having a big vision, understanding the work with depth and clarity, utilising the networks that developed around the work, his wife and family’s support and love and his understanding of the utmost importance of training.”

But what the Reverend found most impressive in Mr. Kas was his understanding and appreciation of the most important things in life. His faith, according to Canon Neill, was of a rare kind, and perhaps the reason why he became such a success in what he had committed himself to do.

“He had the biblical gift of faith that ones sees rarely. And that faith was tested and refined in the fire of a ministry that looked to God and leaned not on the flesh,” he said, adding that his desire to continue absorbing knowledge was yet an inspiring trait of the man. “Mr. Kas’ teachable spirit deeply impressed me.”

Through the establishment and growth of JCF as an organisation, Canon Neill was ‘delighted’ witness of how the apostle allowed the Holy Spirit to teach him how to trust and lean on Him, rather than on his own understanding.

He also noted that while for other people, mistakes were a great pull–down, that was not so with this friend who stuck closer than a brother: “Like all of us he made his mistakes but he learned, corrected (them) and moved on.”

Although he respected other people’s views and perceptions, he was a principled man who was able to make up his mind after waiting on the Lord for long spells of time.

“There have been times when well–meaning Christians sought to give Moosa advice that they thought he needed. After prayer, and he prayed a lot, if he thought the advice wrong, that was that,” he said. 

Canon Neill also remembers the apostle as a man who “walked the talk”, shown in the deep love that he had for children. When the children returned to see him, join the organisation, or were re–united with their families, Mr. Kas was filled with joy.

“He had a baba’s heart for every child. Well did he love,” said Canon Neill.

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