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‘For this Cause…’

IN this special edition of the Just Children Foundation (JCF) magazine, we mark a decade of walking in the vision and calling of our late founder, Apostle Moosa Moses Kasimonje. Affectionately known as Mr. Kas to the JCF family and his wide circle of friends, he could however not live to witness this special anniversary as he was called to be with the Lord on November 18, 2007.

But his departure has not meant the end of the vision, as those who have faithfully served with him in bringing to fruition that calling continue to walk the journey in the understanding that, as the Bible says in Romans 11.29, “the calling and gifts of God are without repentance”.

Putting this special magazine together has been for me a deeply fulfilling experience, flavoured with sweet memories and reminiscences about this foundation since that mid December 2002 day when my path first crossed that of Mr. Kas. This whole process has shown me that this is more than the compilation of a magazine, but also a profound tour through the life of a great man of God. It is also about this enterprise that God established through him. Understandably, too, the life he led – after forsaking his own to carry his cross and follow the Lord Jesus – however is too big to be fully captured within the pages of this magazine.

This is about celebrating 10 years of turning around the shattered lives of children in a world that had turned its back on them, yes. But in more ways than one, it is a fitting tribute to Mr. Kas and his co–labourers of love in the expanse vineyard of young souls. These are people who, just like the disciples that walked with Jesus, were drawn from different walks of life. Where life, the pursuit of other dreams and calls, could probably have offered them much more, they chose to throw their weight behind a simple, but grand, vision that God placed on the late apostle’s life.

It is indeed really moving that this flock, following the departure of the shepherd, has refused to be scattered and suffer the ill–fated collapse of many noble entities. Like a well–grilled battalion, they continue marching forward in faith and, as the apostle Paul would put it, pressing on towards the mark “for the prize of the high calling of God” (Philippians 3.14) despite whatever odds may be stacked against them. It is indeed amazing how they keep holding on to the profound truth that with mountain–moving faith, all things are possible.  

To me personally, Mr. Kas, as a personality, was larger–than–life. Friend, mentor and more importantly, a big–hearted father, all seamlessly rolled into one, one thing was transparent about him. His heart agonised over the coarse brutality that the world often exacts on innocent children. I understood his passion, vividly spelt out in his work to make a difference in a world that has lost its humanity. His calling, which continues to be fulfilled through the foundation 10 years down the line, was to humanise every abused child’s space. I have no doubt that the team he left behind, led by Pastor Philani Nyatsanza, would continue fighting this good fight, growing from strength to strength for this cause.

I felt highly honoured when the team at JCF asked me to help in ensuring that this magazine, in which we celebrate a decade of excellence in working with God to restore his children, is compiled and polished to a high gloss. It is my belief that you will enjoy, be blessed and motivated by the stories collected here, which trace the history and vibrant life of this organisation, though in so succinct a style.

My gratitude to Sharon and Loveness who worked with me through this project. Their warm hospitality was second to none.

Phillip Chidavaenzi


10th Anniversary Magazine

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