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‘If These Things Be In You’
…nothing else in this life matters

If these things be in youPERHAPS Apostle Kasimonje first understood his calling as a mere 14–year–old boy, for it was at that time that he told his mother he wanted to serve God as a priest.   

But the calling, it appeared, ended up buried in his subconscious as the he responded to the daily call of life. So, like an other ordinary man, he worked for a litany of companies over the years and – having long forgotten about his childhood ambition to serve God – ended up running his own food business.   

In 1996, he sold the business concern, hoping to relocate. But God, who works in times and seasons, had not forgotten the apostle’s childhood ambition, which had probably been inspired by God. But the Lord re–appeared to Mr. Kas, and in a way the latter could never have envisioned. 

While absorbed in prayer in their House Group, Mr. Kas had an unction that God wanted him to work with children who had been elbowed by socio–economic hardships and family dislocations to eke out a living at the unfavourable margins of society.

His vision then was to go back into the catering business, make some money and then extend a lifeline to the children. He made his way to the Anglican Cathedral  where there was an on–going feeding scheme. He met with Father Adams (now retired). After listening to his story he believed that God was calling the apostle to be a father to these unfortunate children.  Father Adams suggested that Apostle Kasimonje go to the Drop–In–Shelter which operated like a half way home, where he was to offer himself as a volunteer.

The Drop–In–Shelter, run by the Harare Street Children Organisation (HSCO), had been established in 1994 to address the needs of children, with ages ranging from six to 16 years, who had made the cold, hard streets their home. 

The shelter was not running viably, grappling with financial and spiritual handicaps. It was during his tenure there, with the specific brief of fund–raising, that his vision became clearer and clearer. He had to bring in Jesus, something that the staff – though most of them were Christians – had never considered doing so before.  

Never doubting the faithfulness of his God, he was certain that filling up the spiritual gap would subsequently address the financial woes. It was against that backdrop that he introduced morning devotions, which all children attended, as well as some of the staff. With the passage of time, he was able to discern God’s response to his call, as donations in cash and kind started to pour in.
A George Muller–authored book that he got from Rev Tim Neill (The Chairman of the Board), was to change his life in more ways than one. It was a very inspiring book, and made him believe that what God did for George Muller, could also be manifested in his life. And true to his faith, miracles in his life started at the shelter.

When he spoke about his heart–rending burden of erecting buildings for God’s children at his house groups. One of the members promised to ask his company if it could come in and land a hand, after which Mr. Kas indicated that he would not accept the gift as HSCO.

Then on July 9, 1998, Mr. Kas established the Just Children Foundation (JCF), whose registration as a Social Welfare Organisation began at the end of 1998, and was wrapped up in January 2000. The new organisation was anchored on a multi–pronged, all–encompassing strategy to offer Christian counseling and teaching, provide care and shelter, address societal and family cancers that pushed children into the streets and endeavour to change societal attitudes towards children in the streets, among others.

God confirmed the progress of the work through a prophetic message that clarified Mr. Kas’ vision. The prophecy was spoken over Mrs. Kasimonje’s life at the Eternal Life Church where Brother Carol predicted that Mr. Kas’ work was going to expand, and God would bless it abundantly, and he was described as “a man of faith – faith like Abraham”. 

Over the past 10 years, Mr. Kass – according to Pastor Billy Nel who officiated at his funeral – proved to be “one of the most anointed men of our time”. That anointing has cascaded down to all those who worked with him, and has seen the work growing in fulfillment of God’s call on his life.
He was hero, no doubt, but he refused the temptation of bragging, a moving humility that he carried to the end of his life in this work, and one that continues to pervade the organisation and all those who work within its folds.

“”As each member of the Just Kids staff was appointed, Moosa personally washed their feet and anointed their feet, demonstrating his servant heart,” recalled Pastor Nel.

Having traveled to, and preached in, many countries across the globe and was a recognisable figure with the backing of a litany of ministries in Europe and America, he refused to self–exalt himself.  

Such was the loved shed abroad in Mr. Kas’ heart that prior to his illnesses, added Pastor Nel, “a child died in his arms on an average of two weeks”.

His life permeated that of JCF intricately. As a man of faith, he gave honour to God on all occasions. He loved to share the joys of life with all the children under the care of the foundation, having lunch with them every Friday afternoon and taking them out to leisure resorts such as Sanganayi Creek and Christmas celebrations at the Rainbow Towers (then Sheraton Hotel).  Co–labourers who left did not go empty handed, but were assured to receive farewell gifts. Today, such profound acts of love remain a defining mark of JCF.

The foundation continues to grow, faithfully following in the footsteps of its founder 10 years down the road.

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