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Dear Friends

ONE of the legacies left by Apostle Moosa Kasimonje was his bluntness when it came to issues concerning this work. When he felt God was instructing him to move in a particular direction, he would immediately obey and follow. This was also reflected in the relationships he had with various people. He was frank and open to everyone.

With these qualities in Moosa, God was able to catapult this work to the heights at which it stands today. Apostle Moosa also ingrained in children and staff as well as friends certain qualities which have become part of JCF’s uniqueness. These qualities will ensure that everyone who desires to be at the helm of JCF will have success and in turn leave a legacy. I can testify to this because by the time I had had only six months leading JCF I had discovered  and walked in the fullness of these qualities. I am inspired by these qualities and values as they are hallmarks of an effective ministry.

The first quality is the Word of God.  Moosa Kasimonje made it clear that JCF is built on the Word of God. The Word of God liberates, it edifies and purifies. Through the Word of God, we are saved and born again and discover God and all He has done for us. Because God’s Word is active and living, it gives life everyday.

The second quality is that it compliments fellowship with God. It is prayer. Prayer is our response to a relationship with a living God. Prayer is worship and exaltation of a mighty God. Prayer moves the hand of God into action. It is an avenue into the supernatural. I quote here Apostle Moosa’s words: “Worship God in spirit and in truth”. Jesus prayed at all times and taught us to pray day and night. With prayer comes faith.  We constantly see how Jesus would start his day in prayer early in the morning. We are to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Apostle Moosa was a man of prayer. His prayer life was evident both at a personal level and in the work and with everyone involved. Any leader of JCF knows this is the hallmark of the ministry. Personally I have experienced incredible breakthroughs through my relationship with him in prayer. I am currently enjoying abundance in the spirit because of the time I’m spending in personal prayer and Bible study.

I do not neglect the importance of prayer. In all JCF prayers, children and staff meet for devotions to pray together, to praise God together and enjoy the fellowship of the brethren in the Holy Spirit.

The Apostle Moosa had many friends and shared his life with all who came across into his path. He was not selective but loved all people as they were. Even those who hurt him he still loved and had time for friendship. The word friends has become part of our vocabulary because our friends have become party to this vision and mission as they respond to the call of God to look after children in need. 

The children had a special place in the Apostle’s life. He would say these children are angels whom God sent to us so we can experience the fatherhood of God. And indeed, each child reflects the glory of God. They are just children.  In these children is a legacy that will outlive generations. There is a special endowment of the Holy Spirit which has been deposited in the children we work with. As we celebrate 10 years, it with joy that we celebrate the goodness of God in this ministry. Indeed, we have tasted the goodness of God. This is what the Lord has done.

As we look ahead there is much more work to be done. We have a lot of ground to cover. We have the Faith & Hope dream to build 20 family units. As we speak, we are already working on that. When these units are built, they will symbolise the passion and mission of JCF. We still have a young mothers’ empowerment centre at Tynwald. We still need to put into place renovations at Come Unto Me Centre.  The work we have established in Chikomba needs to be grown and strengthened. We have children across Zimbabwe on our Education Programme who need food, uniforms, school shoes and psycho–social support. We can do all this through Christ who strengthens us.

We can still do better, the challenge is for this work to be done and in our day we shall do it.


10th Anniversary Magazine

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