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Shelter of Joy now Office Block

THE first home at the Just Children Foundation (JCF), Shelter of Joy, which used to house the administration office as well as the children’s quarters, was this year renovated into an office block, in line with the organisation’s expansion.

The development followed the opening of new homes and the expansion of the work over the last 10 years, something that necessitated that an administration centre, which would give direction to the all the subsidiary homes, be centralised.

Shelter of Joy now houses the offices for the Executive Director, Deputy Director, Programmes Manager, Projects Manager, Senior Centre Administrator, Finance and Human Resources among others.

The children who had been staying at the Shelter of Joy, caregivers and grounds men now reside at Faith & Hope Centre in Snake Park, awaiting the building of housing units for the children.

Funds are already available to build one family unit and the logistics are being put in place for the building of the unit. This is expected to set the tone for the rest of the building project of Faith & Hope Centre.


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