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Where There is a Will…
…there is always a way – Cabe

CABE– affectionately known as Mukoma Cabe at the Just Children Foundation (JCF) – is a strong young man, effervescent and always bubbling with life, running around, doing this and that at the JCF’s various centres.

Now at 31, life had not always been like that, but he had been transformed into what he is today through the time he had lived at the JCF, first as child, and now, a faithful employee who is whole–heartedly giving back to the home in which he was raised.

His determination and strong will have paid off beautifully, and he is a living testimony of how God can turn around a life that everyone would have thought had already gone off the rails, with no hope of shaping back into something wonderful.

Cabe first came to the foundation in 1996, and was able to defy all the hurdles strewn in his path in as far as his education was concerned, achieving excellent results in his Ordinary Level examinations.

The heights he has scaled testify not only to the faithfulness and love of God for his children, but his determination to make it when giving in would easily have sufficed.

He is a very positive young man who enjoys all kinds of practical work as he is good with his hands. He is grateful to God who changed his perception about the ways in which he works in a person’s life. Now he understands that God did not consider his background when he set him on the course of his life.

“I certainly didn’t believe the Lord could work in a person’s life even though they may not know it,” he said. “I certainly didn’t believe that God could help me to get this far because I came from a poor family. I am proud to be a role model for the other kids at the shelter.”

He said he was proud to be a role model to the other youngsters who are coming into the foundation, adding that there was no life so torn apart that God could not mend it.

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