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Witnessing the ‘Hand of God’

FROM the day that Rhoda Chidzungu, a counselor at the Just Children Foundation (JCF), joined the organisation at its inception in 1999, she has a deep–seated conviction that it is God who had made possible the work at the organisation in the last 10 years.

Her perception regarding the work of God had a tremendous change after experiencing miracles at the foundation and, where she used to believe in coincidences, now she has a better understanding that it is God who performs wonders.

“Ever since I joined the ministry,” she said, “I have seen God’s hand at work. I saw children being transformed.”     

Although a number of abused children have been brought to the JCF in desperate need of help, she recalls one very disturbing – yet miraculous – case of a young girl who was brought in by the police and the Department of Social Welfare. The nine–year–old girl had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of an uncle.

“The girl had had her genitals torn and had to undergo corrective surgery. We got together in one place so that we could pray for her just before the surgery. Even before we started praying, I believed God had already done His part,” Rhoda said.

Indeed, the girl was miraculously healed in a case that baffled even the surgeon. By the time he got ready to start his work, he discovered that the girl had been healed in way that he could not understand.

“There were songs of praise in the surgery,” Rhoda said. “The surgeon acknowledged that we worshipped a living God.”

Rhoda said putting trust in God was the way to go, a principle that she had personally seen working in her own life.

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