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Sep 2008 Newsletter

Word from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

Amidst all the turmoil and chaos of Zimbabwe with its deep fears and pain, the Foundation has done admirably well thanks to Philani’s leadership. He has brought the team to new vigour and focus and the level of cases has steadily been increasing.
There have been some significant milestones since the last newsletter:

  1. The foundation celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Those of us who have been around since then can remember the early days of Mr. Kas beetling around in Noma’s little green Renault. No wonder the Bible talks of ‘Despise not the days of small beginnings. It is great to see the foundation has not let the vision perish and is today pursuing it with high performance, commitment and energy.
  2. The Jersey Just Children Foundation Trust received a large donation of some money from Canada which can be used to address some of the structural weaknesses that need money to correct them.
  3. Our friends in the UK have done incredibly well with this walk raising a significant amount of money, which will go a long way in helping with the month on month assistance to the JCF work in Zimbabwe.

But there are so many other good things like the work of Derby on our website, the staff out in the field demonstrating God’s love, the back up teams praying and doing all the vital administration and the partners who continue to avail time and resources just at the time they are needed.

In a few weeks’ time, Philani and Florence will be across in the UK for their first public relations tour and it will be an opportunity to strategise on the future plans of the UK Trust, the Jersey Trust and the Zimbabwean leadership so that together we can take the work even further forward.

To my mind when I reflect on the Foundation it is the gracious favour that God has and is demonstrating that is so deeply lovely.

Thank you friends for all you do, in prayer and action for the Just Children Foundation.
God bless you

Rev Canon Tim Neill


From the Executive Director’s Desk

Greetings. We have been facing a great deal of challenges since the beginning of this year. The country has gone through very difficult times and no one has been spared. It has become increasingly difficult to operate under these circumstances. Many homes have continued to downscale as they are failing to meet the required day-to-day costs of running their operations.

We haven’t been spared either. For the greater part of the year we were not able to do our usual home visits around the country because of the political tension. We struggled, we are still struggling, to complete some of the developmental projects that we have started. This has been caused by the challenges faced by our Zimbabwean economy.

However today I can look back and say thus far the Lord has brought us. If it had not been for the Lord, we would have given up the fight, but the Lord has increased the support we get from our friends and partners. He has opened doors that we did not expect. In Zimbabwe many people have come through by giving mealie meal, meat, furniture, clothes and we were able to bless God for each one of you. We believe God has called you for such a time as this for the benefit of His children.

So friends, continue the good fight of the gospel we preach and demonstrate. I bless you all for your faithfulness. The children’s faith has been restored and they celebrate the goodness of the Lord because of you. May we see this season through in unity. For the labourers, I thank God for you and may you continue to receive supernatural power to enable you to accomplish great work for the Lord. We have celebrated 10 years of tremendous growth and faithful ministry to the needy children of Zimbabwe. We have seen over 3000 children pass through the hands of JCF. This is too small a thing as there are lots and lots of children needing our help.

May we never put our God in a box but may our territory increase, may our tents be enlarged. Finally, may the kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. May right thinking, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit be reflected in all of us and in all that we do so that God will be established in us. Rejoice in the Lord always, pray without ceasing and in all things give thanks. For this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ (Matthew 6:9, 1 Thessalonians 5:16 and Romans 14:17).

So we press on and serve God in all that He is giving us to do.
With every blessing,
Philani Nyatsanza
Executive Director


Major Highlight

Opening of a New Chapter

Moosa Kasimonje
TWO years after the conception of the idea of Rudo Centre, the latest development in the Just Children Foundation (JCF) family, the vision has now finally come to fruition, with the completion in progress and the official launch of the home on September 26, 2008.

Rudo Centre is dedicated to our late founder and visionary, Apostle Moosa Moses Kasimonje who worked tirelessly for that chapter to become a reality. This was inspired by a vision God gave him to show abandoned children God’s unconditional love.

The dream of Rudo Centre was conceived as a response to the festering social cancer of baby abandonment in Chitungwiza, among other problems. The foundation purchased a house in Unit J, Seke, in May 2006 with the view of accommodating babies who would have been abandoned.

Over the past two years, extensive work has been going on against a militating economic background that has seen the work take longer than had initially anticipated. Securing prices and paying for building materials have been the biggest challenge. But owing to God’s faithfulness, we managed to sail past all those hurdles. He has seen us through to the final stage of painting and re–roofing the house. After that, renovations will have been completed.

So far, the foundation has acquired household property including a stove, cot beds, office furniture and freezer through various means. More needs are however still to be met, particularly baby food like the milk formula, which is no longer being produced locally, cereals and nappies and diapers, soaps, among other things. But we believe that God will continue to use our friends and partners like you to meet these needs.

Recruitment of staff for the centre has already ensued and the staff are receiving requisite skills through training in preparation for the great work that lies ahead.

We thank God for this latest development, the staff at JCF, our friends and partners and all those who had thrown their weight behind this success. Indeed, He who has begun a good work in us will see it unto completion and perfect it (Philippians 1:6).


Latest Developments

News from Faith and Hope Centre


A vibrant poultry project has been initiated at Faith and Hope Centre. This will help in the provision of meat for the children in all the centres. The children at the centre would also get an opportunity to learn about rearing chickens. This is an ongoing project. The Bird of Paradise flower, which is flourishing at the centre, is now on the market where it is fetching some good returns.

Work on Blair Toilets at Centres Begin

Owing to erratic water supplies at Faith and Hope Centre as well as Come Unto Me Centre, work has started on the construction of Blair Toilets to be used in the event of water cuts. Continuous use of the conventional toilets under the circumstances is a health hazard. There has been only one Blair toilet at Faith and Hope Centre, and an additional one will ease the pressure on just that one facility.

Mushroom and ‘Miracle Water’ at Come Unto Me Centre

Plans are underway to establish a mushroom project at Come Unto Me Centre in partnership with CAOS, which linked us to Chido Govera of Zero Emission Research Initiatives (ZERI) that will bring multiple benefits to the foundation. The project will ensure food security and skills training for the children who, apart from partaking of the food, will also learn about growing mushrooms. After leaving the centre, the children would have been empowered with knowledge and could start their own mushroom growing projects. Meanwhile, a reservoir and a manual pump have since been bought, now we are awaiting the piping so that the borehole, which has been sunk, can be come functional. The geologists who had done the initial work on the site were convinced there was no water at the area, but after the children had prayed, people were surprised a few days later when water started filling up the borehole. Indeed, God keeps doing great things for us.


Family News

Staff Appointments

Congratulations to Mr. Philani Nyatsanza who was appointed Executive Director in January this year. He started off as a volunteer, dealing with pastoral issues in the ministry, and was in 2003 made projects officer. He has a heart for children, and his desire is to build a formidable team that will pull together in one direction, to build on this great vision to restore the lives of children by leading them to Jesus.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our former General Manager, Mrs. Florence Kaseke, who was appointed Deputy Director.
A warm welcome to Mrs. Noma Kasimonje. She joined the family on 1 February 2008 as the Programmes Manager. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the field of Administration. She is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner. She is also a Fellow at the South African Insurance Institute by Examination and Election, specialising in Fire, Risk Management, Marine and Aviation. Noma, who is a qualified counsellor, is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Counselling. Noma has 10 years experience in Office Administration and 15 years experience as an insurance practitioner in the public sector. She is also an intercessor and has a heart for widows and orphans.

We also announce the promotion of Martha Damu to the post of Project Manager, Esther Chikata as senior counsellor, Shelton Maguri as projects Officer, and Sharon Matsitukwa –Marunza as Friends & Public Relations Officer.

We warmly welcome into the family new staff members Shepherd Mabasa (Accounts), Matthias Nyamakambo (Human Resources), Avillion Geke (Driver), Bertha Nyamutowa (Education Officer), Phillip Chidavaenzi (Information Officer), Robert Makura (Social Worker), Privilege Muronda (Receptionist), Veronica Taruziva, Sandra Lijuni and Portia Mlambo (House Parents) and Steven Domingos (Security Guard). Most, if not all, started work in January.

Helping Hand (Volunteers)

We also welcome Social Work student volunteers Thembinkosi Gumbo, Tatenda Potodzi and Tendai Pachawo who have been working with us in this ministry. Pastor Rumbi Doreen Chinyati, who is currently completing her Counselling Degree, has also joined us in the organisation where she is helping out in the counselling and pastoral area of the ministry.

New Generation Coming Forth

It is with great joy that we announce the birth of Tinotenda Mabasa, son to our Finance Assistant at the Head Office, Shepherd Mabasa. We are also proud to announce the birth of Anashe Ethan Mahemu, son to our bookkeeper, Prince Mahemu. Chokwadi MAKOROKOTO in the Finance Department!

Till Death Do Us Part


Our Public Relations & Friends Officer, Sharon Matsitukwa, tied the knot on the 16th of August with Bruce Marunza. We wish you a happy, successful life together, full of God’s blessings.

Setting the Lonely in Families

Three successful reunifications were witnessed in Zvimba. Spencer, who had been with us for five years, is now in the custody of his grandparents after a successful reunification. Faith was also reunited with his father after a seven-year separation. He always prayed for reunification with his father. And we are thankful that God answered his prayer. Kudzai was also reunited with his father’s older brother in the same area. Jackson was taken home for the holidays to be with his family after eight years at JCF. The family would like him to come back home. We are currently working on a permanent reunification.

Sad Losses

One of our children, Clara, who had been in hospital for a long time, passed onto the Lord on September 15. We celebrate her life and the priceless lessons of love and acceptance that she taught us in a short, but exemplary life. At the same time, we also lost twin infants, Tendai and Joseph at Come Unto Me Centre.

One of our children, Tariro – who was part of a set of triplets under the co-fostering programme – also passed onto the Lord.

Our receptionist, Privilege Muronda (Yeukai Tsatsayi’s sister) lost her father in August this year.

One of our care givers, Redi Gandawa, lost her daughter, Atipaishe on June 14 2008. The Senior Centres Administrator also lost a daughter Charlene, on June 26, 2008. On August 5, 2008, the Programmes Manager, Mrs. Kasimonje, lost her brother, Mxolisi Maidzanise. We extend our heartfelt condolences to them all.


Faithful Pillars

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have stood faithfully with us and have made our work easier over the years, among them:

  1. The UK Trustees and Friends
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Nyenya
  3. Glen Lorne Fellowship
  4. Renewal Fellowship
  5. Rotary International
  6. Mr. Dias – Nichel Plant & Equipment
  7. Mr. Hugget
  8. Mrs. Morta
  9. Inner City Fellowship
  10. Help Age Zimbabwe
  11. Mr. Sean Waller and his family
  12. Gam Plastics
  13. Chisipite Senior School Interact Club
  14. Harare International School
  15. Tom Wiejers and his family
  16. Mrs. Kalu
  17. Zim Aids Orphans
  18. Methodist Church
  19. Mr. & Mrs. Dzangare
  20. Schroffner Family
  21. Rhodesville Catholic Church
  22. Soroptimist – Harare
  23. Prestige College
  24. Zimre Prayer Group
  25. The District Social Welfare, Harare Central


Word from the Chairman

From the Executive Director’s Desk

Major Highlight

Latest Developments

Family News

Faithful Pillars

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