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Happy New Year to all our dear friends and partners throughout the world. It is my prayer that this year you will experience Jehovah in all that you are going to be doing throughout the year. Despite all the goings on in the world today I pray that this year will be a prosperous one for you and your families.

I would also like to let you know that our website is up and running and the new website address is www.justchildrenfoundation.com. This also complements our website in the UK which you can all access on: www.justchildren.org.uk. We praise God for our friends in the United States, namely Christine Keeling and John Van Deman who worked tirelessly to ensure that the website is up and running. We invite all our friends to add input to ensure that the website is effective. So we hope to hear from you all on what you think we should include on it to ensure that it is an excellent website.


On the economic front there has been a virtual dollarisation of the whole economy even before the government had taken an official stand on the issue. The transacting public had resorted to using US Dollars and the South African Rand for daily purchases of goods and services. The Ministry of Finance has given the greenlight to most organizations including parastatals to charge for goods and services in foreign currency. This has come as a welcome relief because we have now seen a stabilization in the prices of goods and services. We thank God that now the situation in terms of food supplies has improved and more goods are coming into the country so this has seen a reduction in prices of goods as compared to the period between October and December 2008. Prices were out of the reach of even the well to do society in Zimbabwe.

Cholera is still a very real threat to all of us in Zimbabwe but we thank the Lord that he continues to give his angels charge over us to protect us. In most parts of the country the water situation is still to be addressed and taken care of but we remain optimistic that there will be a turn around.  Another development that has brought relief is the return of the water management to councils throughout the country. We believe this will go a long way in improving the delivery of water to the general public.

The situation in the country politically we believe has also turned around.  The advent of the Government of National Unity has seen a stabilization of the situation in the country.  There is so much hope for the nation. So many sectors in the country are beginning to respond to this new government and we pray that God will continue to turn things around for the nation.


The children in our centres are generally in good health and we want to thank the Lord for his faithfulness in looking after all the children. We have seen his hand in the provision of food for the children in the centres, he is Jehovah Jireh. Donations keep coming in for the children and we have also been able to secure all the basic food items that we require for them. We have had to buy all the food for the centres using hard currency but we thank God for his divine provision. In mid November we sent a team to Mozambique to purchase rice, flour and other items in bulk because they were proving to be too expensive in the country. But it is a relief that prices of most basic commodities are gradually stabilizing.

We are also very thankful to God that we have clean water at Faith and Hope Centre and at Come Unto Me Centre, Karoi. Boreholes at both centres are working very efficiently. We have not had incidences of cholera in any of our centres. All the staff and children have been trained on how to maintain high hygienic standards at all times and ensure that disinfectants are used regularly. The children have been taught on how very important it is for them to always wash their hands after using the toilets. They are all doing their very best to adhere to these standards. We have also had medical teams from Celebration Health come and teach them on how to handle any cholera cases but above all on how to prevent it.


Schools opened on the 29th of January 2009 and our children were supposed to have gone to school then. However due to the increase in school fees and the fact that they are now being paid in foreign currency they have had a delayed start to the school term until all their fees are paid. Please stand with us in prayer that God releases the finances needed to pay the school fees for all the children on our programme, those in residential care and those throughout the country that have been reunited with families.  Some children who were meant to start grade 1 are not been able to go to school yet. All the children require stationery, school fees and some need new uniforms, especially the ones going into grade and form 1.


The outreach team is continuing with its efforts to remove children from the streets and reunite them with families. At the time of writing this report four children were reunited with their families. Three children were subsequently taken into residential care at Faith and Hope Centre.


Come Unto Me Centre

The children at Come Unto Me Centre are all doing very well. They are currently 73. Some restructuring in terms of staff has taken place at the centre but we are happy to report that there is now stability.  Shella Matombo has been posted back to Karoi.

We continue to thank the Lord for the support of Chido and the organisation that she represents, ZERI, for their work at the centre. They continue to work with the children in skills training as well as acquiring some material to improve on the infrastructure at the centre.

We are still working on plans to build  blair latrines at the center as we continue to face water shortages. The major hurdle has been the continuous rainfall that has temporarily made it impossible for the work to continue. Logistical arrangements have been completed and work will commence soon.

Faith and Hope Centre

There are currently 55 children in residential care.

The centre has seen a lot of improvement in the area of maintenance. We have engaged an electrician who has connected another borehole that will serve the garden. The garden is being revamped as well and we are in the process of acquiring seedlings for the garden.

Rudo Centre

The center hasn’t  seen much activity as of now but we have engaged a contractor who is helping us to work on the remainder of activities that will see the final completion of the centre. Once all the funding is in place we expect the work to take 90 days to complete.


I am so delighted to announce that JCF has finally been registered as a Trust in South Africa. For the benefit of all our friends in South Africa and throughout the world who want to send donations in cash you can now do so through South Africa as we now have an account with the following details:

Account:                       The Just Children Foundation Trust
Bank:                           Nedbank
Account Type:              Trust Account
Account No:                 1975072022
Branch:                         Greenside
Branch No:                   19750571
Swift Code:                  NEDSZAJJ


In the months of  December 2008, January and February 2009 God overwhelmed us with his goodness and generosity. We would like to thank the following who were mightily used by God to be a blessing to the Ministry:

  • UK Trustees and Friends
  • Tanyaradzwa Zuva
  • Mr and Mrs. Uche
  • Miss Patience Gombe
  • Miss Fari Kadungure and Friends
  • Mrs. Zavery
  • Pastors Tom and Bonnie Deuschle and Celebration Church
  • Pastor Philip Rice
  • SODA
  • Mrs. L.C. Chigumba
  • Renewal Fellowship
  • Rhoda Matienga
  • Tafadzwa Musarurwa
  • Kudakwashe Humbo
  • Help Age Zimbabwe
  • Inncercity Lunch Time Ministries
  • Mrs. Kambarami
  • Mrs. Jakachira
  • Mrs. Martha Damu
  • Bible Society of Zimbabwe
  • Mr and Mrs. De Bruijn
  • King David United Methodist Church
  • Mr and Mrs. Chinyamakobvu
  • Farao
  • Pastor V. Mpofu
  • Patricia Makwavarara
  • Miranda Viana Rodrigues
  • P and K Gwatimba
  • Alana Watson
  • Ms. F. Tutani
  • G. Cooper
  • Childline
  • Mr and Mrs. Dzangare
  • Church of God in Christ – Dzivarasekwa Assembly
  • Red Cross – Karoi
  • The Soroptimists
  • R. Chidzungu
  • And the many other  people who give anonymously and are only by the Lord.


  • Please continue to pray for God to release resources needed for the care of the children and the welfare of the labourers
  • The completion of Rudo Centre
  • Our Education and Co-Fostering Programme in Chikomba and throughout the country.






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