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Dear Friends

I hope I find all of you well and that as we enter into the second half of 2009, God has been manifesting Himself to you. As always I am happy to report that we continue to be witnesses to the Lord’s faithfulness in the work that we are doing with the children of Zimbabwe.
I, however, regret to inform you that we lost one of our staff members at Come Unto Me Centre, Sakina Mbaula on July 15. She left a gap that would be hard to fill. May her soul rest in eternal peace.


People in Zimbabwe are bracing for the drafting of the new godly national constitution that would deal with the source of the many problems that had plagued the nation to date. The building of anything is determined by the strength of its foundation. I believe the constitutional reforms are a major part of our foundation. We need them to be godly.


  • By July 30, 2009, we had a total of 107 children in residence, 49 at Faith & Hope Centre and 67 at Come Unto Me Centre in Karoi. The numbers however have continued to fluctuate on a daily basis as the reunification drive moved from strength to strength. We want to deliberately intensify this. We also want to scale our follow–ups, so that we ensure a continuation of strong and helpful support for the children we would have reunited.   
  • Reunifications 
    • We had a total of 9 reunifications over the last two months. John Tembo, Tawanda Mungate, Pride and Primrose Chiponda and Tinomutenda Tichaona were reunited with their relatives. The Chiponda children where reunited with their maternal grandparents on July 1.   
    • On the same day, Tatenda Chaka was also reunited with her family in Gutu after four years in our care.
    • Tinomudaishe Siyangapi was reunited with his maternal grandparents in Mwenezi on July 2 after our efforts, together with the Mwenezi Social Welfare to trace his relatives spanning 7 years. This is a miracle.
    • Tawanda and Tinashe Majidu were reunited with their aunt in Nyazura on July 7 in Tumbare Village, Chief Makoni’s area.   
    • Talent Mugadhuyi was relocated to Come Unto Me Centre pending reunification.
    • Kariba Social Welfare referred to us another child, Preference Jimu, and is currently at Come Unto Me Centre as a place of safety. The child has a physical challenge, having suffered a paralysis early in her life. Efforts to locate her family are still underway.
  • Skills Training
    • Fidelis and Knowledge are doing exceptionally well in their motor mechanic course, and are currently on attachment at a local garage.
    • Terrence is doing very well, especially in practical subjects at Ponesai Vanhu Technical College.
    • Kufunda Village, which trained 10 of our girls in permaculture has offered to train a further 10 children (5 boys and 5 girls) from August 7 – 21, 2009. This is such a good partnership we are developing with Chido Govera, who organized the training. Chido has special links with the founder of Come Unto Me Centre. I do pray that we shall have stronger and productive relationships with them through these links.
  • Health 
    • A few of our children had to be hospitalised for various ailments. Enerty Tsoka has not been feeling well for the greater part of month and is currently on medication.
    • Nyasha Makamba also suffered a swollen leg during the course of July but she has since recovered.
    • Simbarashe Sithole suffered mild burns on his hands and feet following an electric shock but is now well after being taken for treatment. 
    • But we have been spared from many of the sicknesses prevailing in our nation. This is the hand of God. Our centre heads, Idai Maguri and Sheila Matombo have done exceptionally well in this regard.  I highly honour and appreciate these two ladies for their exceptional centre administration.


  • As we prepare to go in the next educational year (2010), we need to work out a number of pressing needs, especially in terms school uniforms, shoes and jerseys.
  •  Our educational outreach in Chikomba has recorded major success following our launch of the feeding programme in partnership with Tearfund. It has had a significant effect, having to date benefited approximately 1350 children by end of July 2009. This has seen the resumption of normal business at the schools under the programme and increase in school attendance levels. Daily attendance has increased significantly. On my recent visit there I could see the visible change in the health of both teachers and the children. It’s a pity that this is relief and we can only do it on a short term basis, otherwise its not sustainable.


  • In our efforts to foster family relations, as an organisation that believes in families, we held a Family Day at Come Unto Me Centre and Faith & Hope Centre on July 18 and 25 respectively.  The children were absolutely thrilled
  • Children at both centres, staff and their family had much fun, with singing and dancing as well as fun games involving all the people present.
  • It was also an opportunity to publicise our centres and the work that we are doing. We now look forward to having a combined Christmas party this year.


Faith & Hope Centre

  • We received a number of donations in the last two months this month in cash and kind. Helpage Zimbabwe gave us 12x50kg of mealie meal, 6x4 litres cooking oil, 2x50kg flour, snacks and assorted clothes from Throne Room, assorted clothing items from cross–culture Celebration Church and 3 bed mattresses from….

  Come Unto Me Centre

  • We are currently receiving 20 litres of milk every week from Mrs. Chapepa in Karoi.
  • We received another bench from Mr. Griffiths, to make a total of 9 benches we have received from him to date.
  • Following the repair of the borehole which had broken down, there is now a significant change in the water supply.  Also, council water in Karoi is now more consistent. We are now planning further renovations in the boys and girls’ toilets and ablution blocks. We would like the floor tiled for the children’s health interests.    


  • Progress at Rudo Centre
    • Following the availing of funds for Rudo Centre, we are now in a position to significantly progress with the renovations and ensure that the home, located in Chitungwiza, becomes operational soon.
    • We are currently in the process of purchasing all the outstanding building materials to wrap up the renovations.
    • This is the third phase of the renovation at the centre.
  • Update on Agricultural Project
    • The agricultural project that we launched at Faith & Hope Centre has started paying off. Over the last two months we have harvested over 12,5kg of rape, 92kg of sweet cabbage, 8kg of broccoli, 25kg of carrots, 3kg of green pepper and 3,5 kg of parsley.
    • In July alone, we harvested 1,5 kg of tomatoes, 6kg of onions, 4kg of spinach, 18kg of carrots, 47 kg of drumhead cabbages, 2,5kg of beetroot, 3kg of cauliflower, 4kg of peas. To date, we have not harvested any garlic.    
    • Each child has since been allocated a vegetable garden to tend so as to gain skills in gardening, which will be valuable to them when they return to their families.
    • By the end of July, we had totals of 4 ducks, 17 rabbits, 11 turkeys, 1 chicken and 9 goats.
    • Our aim is to increase capacity for sustainability so that we do not just rely on charity, but we are able to feed the children and sell surplus vegetables to supermarkets and generate some much needed income.  


  • Our partnership with the Child Protection Society (CPS) remains fruitful as our partners have continued to avail significant financial support. The funding has enabled us to effectively implement our reunification programme. They have availed funding for us to do some livelihoods and skills benefits for the children. We hope to increase the scale of our relationship with CPS.


  • In the months of June and July 2009, we experienced God’s faithfulness through a number of people that He used to make a difference in the lives of the children under our care. We would like to especially thank the following friends and partners for allowing themselves to be used by God in that regard:
      • Inner City Lunch Hour Fellowship
      • Worldwide Scholarships
      • Dawn of Hope
      • The Taylor Family
      • St. Luke’s Anglican Greendale
      • St. Luke’s Mothers’ Union
      • Chisipite Junior School
      • Chisipite Senior School Interact Club
      • Christine Keeling and Family
      • Mrs. Ennison
      • Mrs. Dzumbira
      • Mrs. Gina Parry
      • Celebration Church
      • Goal Zimbabwe
      • Mr. Uche
      • Miss Patience Gombe


  • Please continue to pray for God to release resources needed for the care of the children and the welfare of the labourers
  • The completion of Rudo Centre
  • Our Education and Co-Fostering Programme in Chikomba and throughout the country.
  • The completion of renovations at Faith and Hope Centre.
  • The ability to set up and implement systems that honour God and continue to provide the credibility that this ministry has established.
  • We also need prayer concerning our operational capacity. Pray that God will give me wisdom in making decisions.










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