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Dear Friends

I hope I find all of you well and that as we complete the first quarter of the year 2009, God has been working on your behalf. As always I am happy to report of the Lord’s goodness in the work that we are doing with the children of Zimbabwe.

This month we had our Annual General Meeting. The Chairman in his report thanked the staff for keeping the ministry going in the midst of very difficult circumstances. We still have a lot of work to do as we continue working on developing efficient and effective systems in our administration. 


The situation in the country is stable, with indications that things are really panning out for the better. We continue to see a downward spiral in the cost of goods and services, which have initially been overpriced, as the nation slowly comes to terms with the real value of the United States dollar and the Rand. These are now the de facto official currencies after the nation literally gave up on the increasingly valueless Zimbabwe dollar in a move that has significantly stabilized the economy after taming the runaway inflation. However we need to continue praying that ordinary people have access basic goods and services and that we do not lose sight of the vulnerable who need our assistance. We also need to continue praying that public social amenities and infrastructure, neglected for years as the economic crisis was biting deeper, are restored. We thank God that following the Global Political Agreement that brought ZANU PF and the MDC into a government of national unity, there has been an indication of purposefulness with collection of refuse in residential and industrial areas, repairs to burst pipes etc, areas that have been neglected for too long. Below is a report that describes the situation in the country, I got this off the internet:

 Goods reappear in Zimbabwe shops (26/03/09)

HARARE (AFP) - A man whistles as he picks groceries from the shelves of a supermarket in Zimbabwe's capital. Another shopper, spoilt for choice, compares cooking oil bottles while queues form at the tills.
In Zimbabwe, these were simple and almost forgotten luxuries.
For more than a year, supermarket shelves were bare and shops resembled empty warehouses as the country reeled under an economic crisis that turned sugar and the staple corn meal into rare commodities
Now shops are stocking up again, after the government in January agreed to allow retailers to conduct business in foreign currency. The government has even stopped printing Zimbabwe dollars, which it once churned out in trillion-dollar denominations that quickly became worthless under inflation that independent economists estimated in the quadrillions.
The switch to foreign currency has already started bringing prices down in US dollar terms, according to official statistics which are being borne out at the till. A 10-kilo packet of corn meal used to make a thick porridge called sadza cost 12 dollars in December, but is now half the price. Two kilos of sugar cost five dollars then, but is also down by half.
"Things are back to normal," said Simbarashe Mawarire, a manager at a branch of the retail chain Savemor.

This only means the cost of living in Zimbabwe is very expensive and in some case unbearable.


Most of the children in our centres are doing well. However please pray for following children who are not feeling well; Tinomudaishe, Panashe, John, Chipo and Forget.

Eight (8) girls from both Faith & Hope Centre and Come Unto Centre are at Kufunda Village where they are undertaking a course in permaculture. This programme has been coordinated by our friend, Chido Govera, who has been very instrumental in improving the welfare of children at Come Unto Me Centre in Karoi. This course is to equip the children with critical life skills in preparation for the time when they leave JCF. The children have been accompanied on this course by two members of staff, Shella Matombo and Portia Mukumbareza.

We currently have 59 children in residential care at Faith & Hope Centre and 73 at Come Unto Me Centre.

Six (6) children who had a brief stay at Faith and Hope Centre were reunited with their families in various parts of  Zimbabwe.


The outreach team is continuing with its efforts to remove children from the streets and reunite them with families. At the time of writing this report four children were reunited with their families.  Nine (9) new children have been taken into residential care at Faith & Hope Centre with some of them coming from the streets. We have also received some children into residential care at Come Unto Me Centre in Karoi.


The children are wonderful and blossoming.

Come Unto Me Centre

A few issues need to be attended to. There is extensive repairs and maintenance that needs to be done at Come Unto Me Centre, toilets seat repairs, shower tiling needs to be done and general ceiling repairs need to be done.

Faith and Hope Centre

We continue to work towards the registration of Faith and Hope Centre. There are still several outstanding issues that need to be sorted out before the Department of Social Welfare can register it. Some of the things that specifically need attention are; appropriate ablutions for the children, tiling of the bathroom floors in the cottage where the boys stay, ceiling for the cottage, geyser for the cottage. We have thus far been limited by lack of resources to get this done. We continue believing God for these resources and more.

We would like to thank the Lord for our friends from the Lead Trust who came and installed a 5000 litre water tank in our gardens at Faith and Hope Centre for irrigation purposes.  This has resulted in a huge improvement in our vegetable garden at the centre. Since last week a number of staff have been released to go and help in the garden so that we get the beds for the vegetables done and we are able to get the project underway. At the time of writing this report several beds had been done and vegetables like lettuce, cabbages, tomatoes. We should be able to send you pictures of our new and improved garden with our April report. This is a value for money project as we seek to extend acreage of vegetables and fruit production. We have a potentially viable stralitsia flower plantation. We need money to hire part time workers to look after the plants and make sure they are viable and profitable. And don’t forget the housing units this is a dream that we still need to pursue.

Rudo Centre

The centre is still to be completed. We want to thank the Lord for the release of funding towards the accomplishment of this. However a significant amount of almost US$45,000 is still required to ensure that these renovations and fittings are complete to enable the babies to be housed there. Unfortunately this figure fluctuates up and down as people try and work around the usage of the US dollar.

God has been good and He continues to challenge us on stewardship and availability and as time goes on we grow weary but His Spirit and your prayers strengthen us.  You have been good to us through your generosity. God has shown himself as Jehovah Jireh.


In the month of  March 2009 God overwhelmed us with his goodness and generosity. We want to thank the Lord for our friends in the United Kingdom who went all out to bless the children. Sally Wilson, one of the JCF Trustees in the UK co-ordinated the collection of clothes, toys, baby milk, sweets, shoes and a whole lot of other things for the children. We received this large shipment of goods and we were all overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord. We thank our friends for allowing themselves to be used by God to bring smiles to the faces of the children under our care.

As if this was not enough the Lord once again blessed the children through our friends in South Africa. They brought for the children an assortment of goods including plates, cups, spoons, bathing towels, cooking and dishing spoons etc.

Some of our friends came and spent time playing and ministering to the children. And we thank God for their kindness and sacrifice. We would also like to thank the following who were mightily used by God to be a blessing to the Ministry:

  • Innercity Lunchtime Fellowship
  • Mr and Mrs. Nanchamba
  • Ben Nicholson and Friends
  • Mrs. Kambarami
  • Paul N. Tawengwa
  • Prestige College
  • Mrs. Mbidzo
  • Full Gospel Church
  • Ms R. Mangirozah
  • Mrs. Charakupa and Family
  • Chisipite Senior School Junior and Senior Interact
  • Pastor Nyatsanza  and family  
  • Miss Farirayi Kadungure and Friends
  • Sekuru and Mbuya Nyenya
  • Red Cross - Karoi   
  • And the many other people who give anonymously and are only known by the Lord.


  • Please continue to pray for God to release resources needed for the care of the children and the welfare of the labourers
  • The completion of Rudo Centre
  • Our Education and Co-Fostering Programme in Chikomba and throughout the country.
  • The completion of renovations at Faith and Hope Centre
  • The ability to set up and implement systems that honour God and continue to provide the credibility that this ministry has established.







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