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Dear Friends

I hope I find you all well, and I believe God has been moving mightily in your life, bringing you thus far. But I am glad to say that we continue to be witnesses of His faithfulness, grace and goodness in our work.  This God is our God, full of power and full of might.   

As a nation we need to continue to call on God. We need our leaders to turn to God. Only He can save us from the abyss of failure. Zimbabwe needs God to establish His throne and rule.

Just reading in the local paper recently and we are told that the price for a basic foodbasket for a family of 4 in Zimbabwe is costing US$437 per month but in South Africa it is only costing an equivalent of US$82. So even though prices have reduced in Zimbabwe they are still relatively more expensive when compared to other African countries. So please remember our nation in your prayers.

Extensive agricultural work is being done at Faith & Hope Centre (F& HC), where great progress is being recorded. In our efforts to become a self–sustaining and child–empowering organisation, we have established a viable nutritious garden at F&HC with the help of our friends at Lead Trust. They installed a 5000-litre water tank and a set up a drip–irrigation system for the watering of the garden, covering 1000 square metres.
Part of the staff at the Shelter of Joy and F&HC, together with the children, took part in preparing the gardens and planting a variety of nutritious vegetables as part of their training in organic farming.

Since the purchase of vegetables for consumption has been eating a great chunk of our finances, we hope that soon, we would not be buying vegetables as our garden promises to be so viable that we plan to sell the surplus and beef up our coffers. The long–term plan is to run the centre on a commercial scale and raise JCF to the level of self–sustenance.

Each child at the centre has been allocated a garden which they will work in to gain experience and perfect their knowledge in gardening. This kind of empowerment will come in handy when they leave the organisation to join their families.

Eight (8) girls under our residential care programme at Come Unto Me Centre (CUMC) in Karoi who underwent a two–week training course in permaculture at Kufunda Village have started reaping the fruits of the training. They went on to plant mushrooms at the centre, some of which were eaten by all the children. It is clear they have been effectively equipped in that area as shown by the fact that they are now engaged in mushroom production at CUMC.

We currently have a number of viable partnerships with other organisations that include Child Protection Society (CPS), Family Support Trust and Help Age. In recognition of our experience and expertise in family reunifications, CPS partnered with us so that they could finance the family reunification and community reintegration of children under our care. So far, this joint operation has seen the successful reunification of five (5) children who have been under our care.

We also work with Family Support Trust, which deals with cases of sexually abused children. They are the ones who are authorised by law to do legal examinations and their statements are used as evidence in court. They also hold child abuse awareness workshops for children and provide training for our staff in handling child abuse matters.

Help Age, with whom we have had a long–running relationship, have also been throwing their weight behind us, providing us with foodstuffs on a monthly basis, both at CUMC and at F&HC.     


The JCF Trust was recently launched in South Africa. Already, a lot of activities meant to enhance our work have already started. This is the first germination of the seed planted in the vision of the late Moosa Kasimonje whose desire was to see the work spread to other countries. We thank God for our friends who worked round the clock to get the South African Trust started, Ron Wheldon, Ruth Hwindingwi and Anthony Haggie. There are also those who have been working hard to get provisions to the children like Bahati Kasimonje and Farirayi Kadungure. We love them and cherish their goodness.    


This is a project that will improve significantly the welfare of the children in our residential care centres on a temporary basis. A  home away from home.   


Renovations at Rudo Centre, which have been on hold owing to lack of funds and the instability in the economy over the past few years, is expected to resume soon following the injection of more funds into our coffers. The centre is going to be a critical social service amenity as the demand to house abandoned babies and those orphaned in the area is rising.  Currently, there are 8 babies at a local hospital and the authorities there are appealing that we take in the babies. 


Our ambitious feeding programme in Chikomba, where we have a total of 235 children under the education and co-fostering programme, has started on a bright note. The Tearfund–bankrolled programme is meant to be an incentive to woo children back in school following several hunger–precipitated school dropouts.
We have facilitated the feeding of over 1500 children at Chisangano Secondary and Primary schools as well as at Maware Secondary and Primary Schools.
The programme started off on a positive note on May 5 2009, with the participation of community members following the purchase of 6 tonnes of porridge which will be used to feed the children for the remaining two school terms (May –December 2009).       
All the students also received bibles and stationery with the teachers also receiving textbooks, exercise books and pens.
The long–term empowerment plan through sustainable livelihood projects was temporarily sheltered so that JCF could respond to the immediate call of feeding the hungry as a means of luring children and teachers back to school.
But we still want to implement sustainable development projects to encourage livelihood for the community.

For the education department, April was a generally good month as we managed to pay fees for all the children under the programme. School authorities were also impressed by this move following the organization failure to pay all the fees last term.
Simioni Pearson and Forget were enrolled at Chindunduma and Epworth schools respectively.
However, the education department recommended that efforts be made to secure more stationery and uniforms.


  • By the end of the month, there was a total of 129 children in JCF residential Centres. At Come Unto Me Centre there were 173 children, 44 girls and 29 boys. Faith and Hope Centre had a total of 56 children, 40 boys and 16 girls.    
  • All other children were in good health, save for minor mishaps involving Runyararo Mberikwazvo who bruised her arm and Tamari Muriyani who sustained minor injuries to her leg during play at school.
  • Plans are in to establish a playhouse for the younger children at F& HC.
  • 14 babies are going to baby clinic on a monthly basis.
  • Mary Mhiribidi, Tendai Nherera, Webster Mupanga and Nancy Porisa have been successfully reunited with their families.
  • Through all our programmes combined, we are assisting well over 1500 children with food, school fees, clothes, medical attention, love, spiritual care and guidance as well as temporary shelter.    


  • We made donations to Shelter Trust, Matthew Rusike Children’s Home, Chinyaradzo Children’s Home, Victim Friendly Police, Mufudzi Wakanaka and Chitungwiza General Hospital.  This is as a result of some of the goods we might have received and have little use of. It is also important to be able to give and share the little we might be receiving.  This is like the breaking of bread in fellowship with our fellow partners in the work we are doing.  
  • The donations that we received came from Goal Zimbabwe, Help Age Zimbabwe, Mary Nyenya, Mr. & Mrs. Gatawa, Mr. Griffiths, Wedzera Family and Harare Hospital.


  • Righteousness, peace and joy in Zimbabwe.
  • Pray for the process of development in children, that we be sensitive to the different needs that the children might have at each stage.
  • Thank God for He continues to sustain us financially. Also pray that we continue to receive more finances as it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain the work.








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