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Dear Friends I hope I find you well and greetings from all of us at Just Children Foundation. This month I have combined the report for September and October.


In the past two months our nation has gone through the most difficult period ever. It has become almost impossible to source food for the children. It is not only difficult to get food for the children but most Zimbabweans are failing to access basic commodities because they are now being charged in foreign currency. What makes the whole situation more difficult is the cash that people can access from the bank is only enough to pay for transport one way and you won’t have enough to make the return journey. One is only able to withdraw less than US$1 a day.


Generally the children are doing well. But we have a baby under our care who is not faring so well. Please remember to pray for him. Our co-fostering programme in Chikomba is not going as well as we would want it. We are facing so many challenges delivering assistance there and there is such widespread hunger there. The children and their foster families are in dire need of food aid before the situation really gets out of hand.

In September we were priviledged to host two of our Trustees from the UK, namely Anthony Harper and Winston Weir. They were able to experience first hand the situation in the country when they visited Chikomba with our outreach team. They were able to witness the suffering that is going on in the rural areas of Zimbabwe and the shortages of food in those areas.

In our education programme a lot needs to be done since the all the children are not attending school due to the industrial action by teachers throughout the whole country. School fees and uniforms were distributed to all the children under our care but due to the situation in the country most of the children are not attending school.

As for the children who are under residential care we have had to hire private tutors to come and teach the children so that they don’t get left behind and their education compromised.

We managed to reunite one child with her relatives and she is now living with her maternal aunt in Magunje.

We have two children under our care who have hearing problems, but we have managed to secure hearing aids for one. However maintenance of the hearing is proving to be a challenge because we need to constantly replace the batteries.

The girls at Come Unto Me Centre are being taught by Chido Govere to make curtains and repairing of torn mattresses. All the material needed for this was kindly supplied by Friends of the Ministry through Chido.

We are happy to report that we have taken in two babies who were abandoned at a local hospital. They are currently at Faith and Hope Centre but we intend to take them to Come Unto Me Centre.

The outreach team made visits to Buhera to follow up on children we placed in families. The children are generally in good health. They proceeded to Mashava to another child and they managed to spend time with her and counsel on some issues that were causing problems in the home where she is staying. The outreach team managed to take some hampers to these children and the families were all very grateful for this.


Come Unto Me Centre

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing water problems and our centre in Karoi has not been spared. However we want to thank the Lord that we managed to secure a pump for the borehole and we had our maintenance staff fit the pump to the borehole. The children now enjoy clean safe water at the centre.

Faith and Hope Centre

Generally the centre is running well, except on occasional days when we don’t have water because of power cuts.

Construction of a pit latrine to serve both the staff and children at Faith and Hope is underway. This is needed especially for the times when there is temporary water cuts when the pumps are not working due to power cuts.


We had the official opening of Rudo Centre on the 26th of September 2008. Again this occasion was graced by the presence of Anthony and Winston from the UK, who were our very special guests.  Our guest of honour at this event was Cabe Muusha. We saw it fit to have him as guest of honour because he was representing all the children that we have looked after since JCF started work with the needy children of Zimbabwe. We had guests from various government departments. Of particular note was the representative from the Department of Social Welfare who promised that she is going to do everything possible to ensure that the home is registered as soon as possible. She also highlighted that there are babies in the hospital who need to be removed from the hospital urgently and placed under a caring home. It is our hope that the home will be registered as soon as possible because there is a real need in Chitungwiza.

At the time of the official opening we were waiting for roofing timber to be delivered for the home and this had taken quite a while. However God being God ensured that the timber was delivered on the day of the official opening. We are happy to report that the roof has now been completed.


A number of our staff members were trained in First Aid. This course was recommended by the outreach team who felt that everyone who cares for children needs to have at least some basic training in First Aid. Initially 16 members of staff were trained and we are looking at having the remainder trained in the not too distant future.


In the months of September and October God overwhelmed us with his goodness and generosity. We would like to thank the following who were mightly used by God to be a blessing to the Ministry:

  • UK Trustees and Friends
  • Glen Lorne Fellowship
  • Methodist Innercity Lunchtime Fellowship
  • Mr Dias of Nicnel Plant and Equipment
  • Deborah Graham
  • Reverend Williams and Friends (USA)
  • Mr and Mrs Nyenya
  • Ms. Mberikwazvo
  • Chido Govere and Friends
  • Mr. Jude Eze
  • Dr. and Mrs Chinyamakobvu
  • Maud Mabhena
  • Sheila Zavery
  • Takunda Zimbwa
  • Mr. Chitsiko (Streets Ahead)
  • Mr and Mrs. Chigumba
  • Gabriel Chikochi
  • Rutendo Sigauke
  • Dr. F. Podmore
  • Dr W. Ruparanganda


  • Please continue to pray for peace in the country and the economic situation in the country
  • The completion of Rudo Centre
  • Formation of Trustees in South Africa
  • Our Education and Co-Fostering Programme in Chikomba






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