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George is a nine year old boy who was brought to JCF when he was six. When he was two his parents separated and he was sent to live with his paternal grandparents. His father later remarried.

George's health was poor and when he started deteriorating his grandparents took him back to his father for help. The stepmother refused to help George and insisted that her husband get rid of him. George’s father waited until dark, took him to the river, tied a large stone around his neck and threw him in the water, leaving him for dead.

A passerby heard the boy crying and rescued him. She took George to her home to warm him up and reported the case to the police and he was referred to The Just Children Foundation.

George stayed at a JCF centre for a while but, with the information he was able to give them about his family, JCF were able to locate George’s mother and reunite them, much to the delight of them both.

George is now happily settled into his new home and he is visited by the JCF team regularly!

The Story of Rudo Munhanga

A ten year old who came to the Just Children Foundation in August 2006l. She was seen loitering on the streets of Harare by a Zimbabwe Republic Police Officer who went with the child to the Department of Social Welfare who then brought the children to the JCF. Rudo’s parents divorced when she was 3 years of age.  She was looked after by her paternal grandparents until she was at the age of seven. Rudo’s mother took her from her paternal grandparents and she started to stay with her in Mutare. Elisa, Rudo’s mother is mentally challenged, she took the child from home and started to loiter with her on the streets. Rudo faced a lot of problems on the streets which includes lack of food, shelter and also she was sexually abused (raped) by a man who is said to be 25years of age. She became ill on the streets and by the time she came to Just Children Foundation in 2006 she had problems with her health. Rudo’s mother’s whereabout are not known. Her wealth deteriorated rapidly and she was taken to the hospital, tests were done and Rudo was found to be HIV positive. In June 2008 she was admitted at a hospital in Harare, she was in hospital for 3months but her health did not become any better. She then died on the 15th of September 2008 and was laid to rest in Mt Darwin where her paternal relatives stay. JCF assisted in the burial of the child.

The Story of William Musengi

William is a boy aged 15. His parents died when he was still 5years old and his paternal grandparents took him into their care. In 2004, Just Children Foundation started programmes in Chikomba area namely the Education and Co-fostering programmes and William is one the beneficiaries of those programmes. He was about to drop out of school because his grandparents could no longer pay for his school fees but thanks to the JFC, they are seeing to every schooling need of that boy. William has a hearing problem and when he was examined at the local hospital, they said he needed hearing aids. The organization is in the process of taking the child to Harare for examinations so that he gets medical help i.e hearing aids. He is now doing his O’levels and he is hoping to proceed to A’ level in 2009.

abandoned child
abandoned child
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